Tuesday, January 3, 2017

People Are Curious Creatures

Good Day World!

People are curious creatures.

We have the ability to love and hate. 
We can be monsters or angels. 
We can be geniuses or morons.

Our capacity for destruction is without end. 

We kill off other life forms routinely. Either to eat, hunt, or to sell off body parts in the name of medicine or high fashion.

We pollute the planet and ravage it's resources without consideration for future generations.

Our only nobility seems to lie in the ability to recognize these failings and to try to correct them. 

When it comes to politics we are a country divided between the Party of Trump and Democrats (with a scattering of Independents, Libertarians, Green, Etc.) 

Our ambivalence towards our new president is reflected in a recent Gallup poll. Most Americans Don't Think Donald Trump Can Handle Being President  

So how did Trump get elected if people thought he couldn't do the job?

Gotta smack my forehead and go back to my original premise...

People are curious creatures.

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Time for me to walk on down the road...

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