Friday, December 2, 2016

Trump's Triumph With Carrier A Classic Example of Bait and Switch

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If you're not careful you'll miss the con.

When it comes to Trump it means knowing the rest of the story.

For example: Did you see where Donny Little Hands paraded around like a rooster for Carrier corporation employees yesterday, crowing that he had saved their jobs?

Are you familiar with the term "bait and switch?" 

It applies here with Trump's con game with Carrier. He bragged about saving Carrier's American workforce throughout his campaign and it appears he did save 1000 jobs.

Trump put together a $7 million package funded by taxpayers for Carrier to stay.

Here's the rest of the story:

Carrier's plant in Huntington, Indiana is closing it's doors and 700 jobs will be lost. Employees from the Huntington facility protested the Trump event with signs reading "What about our jobs in Huntington?"

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Guess they didn't make a good photo-op. No one seems to know this was part of the bait and switch tactic Trump often uses with impunity.

As Trump paddles on in his "victory tour" I'm reminded that he threatened to punish Carrier with a tariff on imported goods to prevent it from taking jobs out of the country.

Instead he bribed them with multi-year tax cuts that critics say doesn't bode well for future deals. And those 1,000 jobs Trump is trumpeting - that we now know is more like 300 jobs saved - are still less than 1% of what the US economy created last month!

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Trump's deal-making skills in this arena appear to be mostly bribing corporations to stay for agreed upon amounts of time with taxpayer money.

United Technologies is a giant international company with many different divisions and subsidiaries. It owns Carrier corporation, and was the real winner in this con game because it also gets to keep it's billion-dollar contract with the government.

Oh yeah...there's one more thing glossed over by Trump and company on their little victory tour; Carrier is still opening a plant in Mexico.

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