Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Will Trump Get Away With Violating The First Article of the Constitution? It's Up To Electors Now

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The first time our Constitution will face a serious threat from Donald Trump will be on his inauguration day if the Electoral College doesn't disqualify him for violating the very first article (Art.I,Sec.9) on December 19th.

This Article was deliberately designed to prevent a U.S. official, especially the Chief Executive, from being indebted to, or otherwise the recipient of financial renumeration from, any foreign power or entity answerable to such a power.

The only way this can be avoided is if Trump sells all of his businesses or puts them in a blind trust.

But Trump told the NY Times that he is under no obligation to set up a trust and he "could run my business perfectly, and then run the country perfectly." 

He plans on having his adult children run the company while he retains ownership. That is not a blind trust.

His claims are constitutionally wrong but he thinks he can get away with anything. So, we are faced with the first, of what surely will be more violations of the Constitution under a Trump regime, unless he backs off and does things legally.

If he insists on going forward with his devious plans then it's up to the men and women in the Electoral College to do the right thing and not abuse the Constitution by certifying him as the next president.

At the very least, electors should insist that Trump set up a blind trust as a condition of their vote.

Harvard Law Professor Larry Tribe, one of the nation’s preeminent constitutional scholars said in a recent interview, that after extensive research, he concluded that "Trump's ongoing business dealings around the world would make him a recipient of constitutionally prohibited 'Emoluments' from 'any King, Prince, or foreign state - in the original sense of payments and not necessarily presents or gifts - from the very moment he takes oath."

During the presidential campaign Trump once said he could shoot someone down in the street and no one would do anything about it.

It appears his ego believes the same thing about our Constitution - he can violate it at will and no one will do anything about it.

If the electors don't do their job - then Trump is right - he can get away with anything.

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