Friday, October 21, 2016

When Are Ruptures Considered Leaks? When Big Oil Says So

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I've been watching the protest against a proposed oil pipeline at Standing Rock, North Dakota, for months. 

Native Americans are taking a stand against Big Oil and are up against big odds. They know there will be ruptures in that proposed pipeline, and their water and soil will be contaiminated.

You know why they're so sure about that? Evidence and facts.

There are approximately 185,000 oil spills and pipeline ruptures every single day in America.

So why don't we hear about it in the mainstream news? It's because these disasters are deliberately censored. Proof of that is the federal government's lack of enforcement on safety regulations as these eroding pipes rupture regularly.

That's bad enough, but to pour some salt on the wound, you and I get to pay the price with gas hikes. Big Oil is making us pay for creating toxic messes and eroding pipes.

If you aren't pissed yet, get this; the oil pipeline industry gets billions of your tax dollars in subsidies!

Meanwhile the mainstream media, or as some refer to it as the corporate media, reports these blow-outs as "leaks." If you're like me when you hear the word leak, you think of a small drip.

These disasters are not small drips. They're ruptures that send thousands of gallons of crude oil into our environment every day creating toxic messes.

The mainstream media has a code for when these disasters occure. They warn us gas prices are going up. They don't say why, or anything about the environmental harm that accompanies these so-called leaks.

Knowing all of this, native Americans at Standing Rock are taking a stand against Big Oil. All Americans should be supporting their efforts to protect our environment.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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