Saturday, October 15, 2016

What Happens To The Trump Party Faithful After He Loses The Election?

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By now, Americans realize that there is a Republican party and a Trump party.

Trump minions have had to register as Republicans to vote, but that short marriage will end after Hillary Clinton takes office in a lopsided win.

Trumpies have no intention of letting their idol wander off into the dark night alone however. And, Trump won't let them forget that he alone can save everything they hold dear.

Look for Trump TV coming your way. Really.

With his built-in audience, many of them being alt-right trash, he can build a media empire with the help of his Breitbart buddy Steve Bannon, and disgraced sexual predator Roger Aisles (Faux News boss).

Meanwhile, as Election Day draws near it's dawning on some Trumpies that he may lose the race.

Example: Watch: Armed Trump Supporter Menaces Virginia Democratic Campaign Office for 12 hours 

The two loons shown in the video sense Trump's losing. They believe the election is rigged because Trump said there's a global conspiracy to defeat him.

How many more disgruntled Trumpies will decide to "take an armed stand" while protesting? It's hard to say. I'm no fortune teller.

I can tell you those two deeply troubled young men are looking for a confrontation through intimidation. No one goes to a peaceful protest packing a pistol.

As election day approaches Trump is whipping up his core base with conspiracy theories and outright lies. Watch his rallies in the days ahead, as he fans the flames of hate and fear among his flock.

The really sad thing about this election is that it's produced a celebrity spokesman for the alt-right. Trump was born for the part of hosting a hate network. 

Mark my words. Trump TV is going to make Fox, and all the rest of the biased networks, tremble!

Just so you's going to be YUUUUUchhhhh!

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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