Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Winning Awards - One Way or Another

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Winning an award these days is no big deal.

Kids in school nowadays get awards even when they don't win contests. 

The school of thought behind that is "no one should feel left out.Here's an interesting take on giving awards:

The Problem with Award Ceremonies

In the adult world awards are serious things. They can mean an increased earning potential - win an Oscar, and you'll have producers at your feet. 

Prestigeous awards, such as the Nobel Peace Prize, give you worldwide creds. But there's also bums and scoundrals who have won that coveted prize.

Take Henry Kissinger for example.

He has to be the most controversial Nobel Prize Winner in history. Kissinger was a joint winner with Le Duc Tho, the North Vietnamese leader.

Tho rejected the award because it was given for the pair's peace work in Vietnam, and he knew no peace had been achieved in the area.

The perfect hypocrite, Kissinger accepted the award "with humility" despite the fact that many felt he shouldn't have gotten it in the first place.

Two years later North Vietnam invaded South Vietnam, voiding his supposed good work.

Finally, I'd like to leave you with a funny story about awards that is very timely:

At least, 19 Donald Trump properties have big plaques that read; Six Diamond Award and/or Five Diamond Award.

They're awards Trump gave himself!

True story. The Academy of American Hospitality Sciences (or something like that) passed out those awards. The majority on the board of this fine academy consists of Trump and his family.

Hard to lose under those circumstances. The inspiration for this fine sounding academy came from a mob guy, a convicted thief named "Joey No Socks," who lives on Central Park South.

To see more about The Donald's award-winning ways, I highly recommend reading The Making of Donald Trump, by Putlitzer Prize-winning journalist David Cay Johnson.

Pssstttt...Johnson deserved his award.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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