Saturday, September 10, 2016

Potpourri Saturday: Serial 'Egger' Gets Probation, Oyster Beds Made From Toilets & Viral Red Trucks

                                      Good Day World!

Eggs away...

No one really knows why an Ohio man decided to pelt his neighbor's house with eggs a hundred times in one year.

Naturally the neighbors weren't thrilled about the damage it caused, and how nerve-wracking it was to see a hail of eggs come from out of nowhere.

The cops investigated and charged 31-year-old Jason Kozan with a misdemeanor charge of inducing panic. Vandalism and menacing charges were dropped.

I assume Kosan had a good lawyer. 

To Jamaica Bay with love...

The folks at The Big Apple have destroyed 5,000 toilets to make porceline beds for oysters in Jamaica Bay.

This ambitious project is meant to be a buffer from storms while cleaning the water and creating wildlife habitat.

The 31-square-mile Jamaica Bay is part of a 142-square-mile watershed that includes Brooklyn, Queens and Nassau County.

Oh wow! Look a red truck!

Not much happens in Jackson, Wyoming. 

So it was a surprise for local businesses when a live web cam installed in a busy intersection near the Jackson Town Square went viral. Sort of.

The web cam has been there since 2014 and usually averages about 20 visitors a day. For reasons unknown, more than 2,000 visitors stopped by one day last week.

One guess is because red trucks are popular with online commentors and someone saw a red truck that day instead of the usual fair of a pedestrians.

But we'll never know for sure.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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Carl Hand-up said...

I watched this last week ... God only knows why

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