Friday, September 30, 2016

A Survival Guide To Living in an Age of Rage

"It looked as if a night of dark intent was coming, and not only a night, an age. Someone had better be prepared for rage..."
-Robert Frost

Good Day World!

We live in an age of rage.

Our anger is reflected in everything we do. 

Even the most common things, like driving a car, have been twisted into vehicles of road rage that kills hundreds of Americans every year.

For example: Take Florida native Gary Lynne Durham who served a decade behind bars for killing a man during a 2001 road rage incident. 

Ironically, Durham was recently killed in another traffic related dispute when he confronted another driver with a gun.

The rage keeps growing.

Rage incidents on airplanes have become a new problem for travelers in America and worldwide. The once friendly skies are not so friendly now.

So the question is, why are we seeing so many frequent outbursts ranging from an impolite gesture from another motorist to road rage that can lead, quite literally to death?

One explanation is given in this informative article:
Psychiatrists: Rage Comes From Accumulation

Anger can be caused by both external and internal events. I've watched, with dismay, our presidential election process become a conduit for hate and rage.

Raging rhetoric has stirred the flames of anger into something so ugly any sense of humanity has been squeezed out of most Americans by now.

In the end however, it's up to us to not let rage rob our senses, and make us do something we'll regret. We can't do anything about the next person, but we do have the option of keeping our own cool.


Age of Rage Survival Guide
Controlling Anger Before It Controls You

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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