Tuesday, August 16, 2016

7 Teaching Moments from the 2016 Presidential Election

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Have you noticed how the term teaching moments often comes up after something bad happens, like murders or riots?

Today we're going to look at seven teaching moments from the 2016 presidential election.

* After the elections are over the GOP has got to pull the tattered remnants of their party together and figure out how a reality star and real estate developer defeated every conservative opponent (17 of them) in the primaries.

* Both political parties have some soul searching to do. It's apparent both parties underestimated the angry ground swell among disenfranchised Americans in rural areas.

* By studying how the NAZI party came to power in 1930's Germany, we can see the parallels between Trump and Hitler's rhetoric of fear and hate.

* Hopefully both parties will learn how to vet presidential candidates better. There's never been two worse candidates vying for the presidency in our history.

* When it comes to debates - both in the primary and the general election - a neutral entity should set all the rules (including times), and no candidate should be allowed to change them.

* We've seen how hackers are disrupting our election and how they have the ability to attack our electoral process in polling places. 
The teaching moment is that we need to update all voting machines and have a 100% paper trail in every polling place. As President Obama suggested, we should have a cyber-infrastructure to protect our entire electoral system.

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