Friday, July 15, 2016

Republician Views on Racial Issues Contributing to 'Yuuuch' Gap in Race Relations

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National polls are pointing to a very disturbing reality in our world today:

Americans' views on issues of racial inequality and policing heavily depend upon what party they belong to. Both parties have really stark differences in perceptions.

For example; Democrats feel the five-officers killed recently in Dallas was a one-off thing. A lone wolf attack. Republicans are sure it's part of a bigger plot to kill white police officers nationally.

What Social Science Tells Us About Racism in The Republican Party

To  further complicate the growing racial divide, whites and blacks views on race and inequality are worlds apart.

Legal segregation in America may have ended more than 50 years ago, but in many parts of the country, Americans of different races aren't neighbors - they don't go to the same schools, they don't shop at the same stores, and they don't always have access to the same services.

Here's another stark reality: if you're a black person in America, you're more likely than a white person to live in an area of concentrated poverty.

Understanding what's happening is key to the solution. The Republican party has taken the low road with Donald Trump, opening up a larger divide between whites and blacks in America.

Instead of unifying Americans, the Republican party has chosen to nominate a racist. The impact of that choice continues to grow each day as Trump promises to build walls to keep out Hispanics, and ban Muslims from entering the country.

Given a chance to be a featured speaker at this year's NAACP convention, Trump turned it down. If that doesn't signal more racial divide, then I don't know what does.

White supremists, and other fringe groups are embracing Trump because they see how he intends to deal with minorities.

Despite the anti-Trump forces within the Republican party, plans to oust the Donald during the Republican National Convention don't stand much of a chance.

The Disturbing Data on Republicans and Racism: Trump Backers Are The Most Bigoted Within The GOP

Republicans are successfully alienating voters in this election - something the party has promised to improve on after their last loss with Mitt Romney.

Worse yet, the Republican party is cementing the accusations against them that they are a racist party.

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