Thursday, July 14, 2016

Ex-Trump Staffer Suggests Trump May Have Violated Campaign Laws

The big question today is not who is going to be Donald Trump's VP, it's...

"Did Donald Trump violate campaign finance laws by using his own resources for his political campaign?"

One of his former staffers, Sam Nunberg, says he may have illegally funneled corporate money into his campaign, and created a fictitious company that was listed as a plaintiff in a lawsuit against Nunberg for breach of confidentiality.

News of the lawsuit and response has upstaged Trump's search for a running mate, according to a source close to the campaign.

Nunberg doesn't plan on stopping there with his accusations against Trump. He contends his endorsement of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R), Trump's former rival for the Republican nomination, sparked the lawsuit against him.

Trump filed the lawsuit against his own lawyer's advise because that's the way he deals with things - bullying people in the courts with his team of unscrupulous lawyers.

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