Thursday, July 7, 2016

GOP Convention: Getting Tickets at Trump's 1-Ring Circus Should Be Easy

Good Day World!

The heyday for circuses has passed.

All is not lost however, as Donald Trump plans on putting on a circus worthy of Barnum and Bailey, or The Ringling Brothers.

Up to this election cycle, the event sponsored by the GOP was called the National Convention.

Trump promised to transform the national convention this year into a circus, complete with performing clowns and snake oil dealers. Being a showman first, and foremost, the Donald is busy lining up acts.

It hasn't been easy. The list of the most influential Republicans in the party willing to speak at Trump's circus has dwindled down to practically no one!

The following were asked to attend/or speak and they all turned down the offer.

Latest refusal not related to the circus: Two Potential Trump VPs Just say No

The above is just a short list to give you an idea of how many prominent Republicans aren't going to be eating popcorn at Trump's Circus.

"It's very important to put some showbiz into a convention, otherwise people are going to fall asleep," Trump said in a recent interview.

But Ringmaster Trump's vision of a "Winners Evening" isn't going to be so easy. Thus far, every famous athlete contacted by him - from Boxer, Mike Tyson, to NASCAR chief Brian France, to legendary former Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka, have other plans that weekend. 

Even the musicians are finding other gigs that weekend. Lee Greenwood, who has performed his hit "God Bless the USA" at several GOP conventions, has refused to say if he's going to attend.

Ted Nugent's spokeswoman told the Washington Post that Ted's skipping the convention, "due to our intensive concert touring schedule."

It's not looking good for the 3-Ring Circus Trumpie is trumpeting.

 He does have a backup plan.

He's going to have at least three Trump family members give a speech. Oh, and his wife Melanie "may" say something too. With her Slovenian accent they better plan on providing a translator!

That ought to bring the audience to their feet!

If Trump didn't make all of his delegates pay out of their own pocket (Bernie Sanders is crowd-funding to pay his delegates way to the Democratic Convention), he'd have a stronger audience supporting him.

It's looking a lot like a 1-ring circus featuring the Trump family, and whatever Republicans can be induced/bribed to attend, and or, speak.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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