Thursday, July 28, 2016

'Chillin' in a polarized country: Hop off the Hate Train

Good Day World!

I refuse to take a ride on one of the many current rhetoric trains traveling across this troubled nation like harbingers of doom. 

Millions of Americans are angrily divided. Hate, like a deadly fog has crept across America this election year. 

People are bleeding blue, and red. There is no in between. Some end up dead.


You can step out of the train station, and go for a nice long walk outside. You'll need to take long, deep breaths, and to open your eyes to the skies above.

Hint: you can be anywhere - from the concrete jungle to a tiny cell; it doesn't matter as long as you let your imagination swell.

"Chillin" in a polarized society is only possible if you are prepared to take the less-traveled road towards internal peace.

Unplug. Turn off. Disconnect all digital devices. Refresh yourself with your own thoughts, and in conversations with others. 

Everyone around you is worried. Fear makes too many good people fumble in this fast-paced society. The home of the free... and the wealthy 1% ers. 

Money is the root of all evil. I know that sounds trite...but I think it's right. Too many worship on the altar of greed, losing their humanity.

Don't hop on the first train that pulls on your emotions. You can easily end up going in the wrong direction.
Stay true to walking, and you'll always be grounded.

My wish for you peace in this polarized society we live in.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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