Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Political Revelation: It's All Just A Gameshow

Good Day World!

It took me a while to process what's been happening in politics this past year, but I finally understand what's going on.

The assimilation of politics and entertainment is complete. They're interchangeable now. And it's just what the public seems to want.

It's been a slow process with gossip pioneers like Walter Winchell setting the bar for future generations of reporter/personalities that got away with saying just about anything they pleased to entertain viewers and readers - truth be damned.

Once on different roads, politics and entertainment have changed couse to a one-lane highway resulting in an alliance of lies instead of truthful reporting, for the sake of getting readers/viewers.

Candidates like Trump can get away with saying pretty much anything they want without being held accountable so long as what they say is entertaining, and so long as they keep the comments coming.

All the major networks are guilty. Instead of holding Trump accountable they have been giving him billions of dollars in free advertising by reporting everytime he farts or says something outrageous.

The core of this fusion is Americans who are no longer able to tell what's real or what's just a gameshow. There's been a meltdown of minds.

What this means is that our politics are no longer politics in the traditional sense of policy and governance.

Trump is the poster boy for non-political politics - a synergy of the showman and town gossip - fused into what passes off as a presidential candidate in 2016.

My grandfather Baxter use to say, "And the merry game goes on..." So, it does.

Who would have guessed the end game would come so soon for America?

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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