Saturday, March 26, 2016

Why Some People Find It Hard To Tell What's Real

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I can't blame some people for being confused about what's real, and what's not these days.

For example, take so-called Reality Shows:

5 Fake Reality Shows Exposed

Reality TV's Worst Hoaxes and Lies

As Robert Ripley once said, "Believe it or Not." Some people actually believe that reality shows are... real. They're very dissapointed when they find out that their show is scripted. 

Then we have ex-reality star Donald Trump running for the president of the United States. Almost Twilight Zone stuff. It's too much to process for many Americans.

One day they're watching The Donald on The Apprentice, eagerly firing people looking for jobs, and the next they see him claiming to Make America Great Again (if you elect him president) by creating more jobs.

I sure don't mean to be rude - a Trump staple - but when people blindly follow him (ignoring scary facts) you can see why he says he loves un-educated voters.

Then there's belief vs reality.

It's important to remember that beliefs are not based upon reality, so they can be different, and this can be, and is, used to cause conflict.

Beliefs prevent people from seeing the truth.They look for an enemy to blame all their unhappiness on when things aren't going their way.

The sad truth is reality is not always that apparent to many people. For whatever reasons. Mental health leading the way of course, but the other factors I mentioned also play into denying reality.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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