Friday, March 25, 2016

Future Shock: The Day Dictator Trump Turns On The World

Good Day World!

In a dystopian future we see what happens after Trump is elected president:

It started out quickly.

The first week:
Trump gives Congress several ultimatums after forming a special bodyguard unit (The Trumpateers who have pledged to be loyal to him, not America). He disolves the Secret Service. 

The first 100 days:
After bullying Congress into submission through various dark ways, the new laws came fast and hard. Trump manages to strip Americans of most of their constitutional rights before they even knew what was happening. 

Trump becomes a dictator after eliminating all resistence. 

Torture, during all interrogations becomes so commonplace it's instituted into law enforcement agencies across the land. Debtor's prisons spring up like deadly mushrooms.

The first year:
All Muslims are banned from entering the country under any circumstances. 
The same goes for Hindu's, Sikhs, Buddists, Mexicans, anyone from Central America, anyone from a country that doesn't recognize Trump's dictatorship, and anyone who even looks suspicious from any country.

The Second Year:

NATO declares the United States a "rogue state" after Trump violates every international law possible. Trump doubles the size of the US military goes after countries that have sanctioned him.

When Russia's Vladimir Putin says that Trump's SMALL HANDS are an extension of his small penis Trump comes unglued.

World War III.

It all starts here: 
Trump urges waterboarding and more after Brussels attacks

GOP Foreign Policy Experts Warn A Trump Presidency Would Endanger America

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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