Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Two Subjects No Presidential Candidates Are Talking About And Why

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In this election cycle issues are being addressed, but upon close examination they're not the ones that really matter to most Americans.

Sadly, most of the issues are between the contenders themselves, with Donald Trump leading the way in the war of words. 
The contenders are too busy attacking each other to talk about what voters really want to hear.

There's two BIG issues unfolding that are apparently off the presidential contenders radar. 

The first one is Flint, Michigan, where residents have been poisoned in the name of saving money. Why? 

Because every one of the candidates is taking on sexier issues that please their contributors and PACS. They are all afraid of taking on America's crumbling infrastructure.

It will require a long term program across the country, and the commitment of millions of dollars to shore up the deteriorated pipes, weakened bridges, and endless miles of poor roads and potholes. 

The second issue none of the contenders want to talk about is the nation's gang problem. It gets worse every year. Take a look at Chicago which has become Murder City once again.

The nation's third largest city recorded 51 homicides in January, the highest toll for the month since 2000. Gang conflicts and retaliatory violence drove the increase according to the Chicago Police Department.

Every city in America has a gang problem. How scary is that? With all the talk about international terrorists and domestic terrorists, the gangs seem to slip past any meaningful conversations or solutions.

Check this out: The Countdown for the Top 30 Murder Capitals of America

And what do the presidential candidates talk about?

Emails, birther accusations, and a laundry list of political gossip with plenty of rude language, and hateful suggestions against certain segments of Americans.

The bottom line: lot's of rhetoric about making America Great Again, even as we sink into a polarized political quagmire with puppet politicians running for president. 

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