Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Great Idea! Eagles That Hunt Drones!

Good Day World!

I'm thinking about getting an Eagle to hunt drones. 

The Dutch have come up with a program that trains the raptors to attack drones!

I don't like drones, and that includes the one's that are now available to the general public. 
They represent another invasion of my privacy - a rapidly disappearing right thanks to Big Brother's Drones in America program.

Drones are also creating a new danger in the skies by interferring with planes taking off, or landing at airports, and fighting fires.
There were over 150 incidents last year involving drones flown by idiots who like to push the boundries of their new toys.

The Japanese have come up with an interesting program to chase down rogue drones - they have police drones equipped with nets to disable the perps.

The Federal Aviation Administration has come up with a drone registration program for operator accountability, but don't kid yourself; that won't solve the problem of nearly a million new drones sold last year with predictions of more being sold this year!

It's a damn invasion.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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