Sunday, February 28, 2016

If Elected President, This Man Promises To Weaken The First Amendment

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We're watching the Twilight Zone of politics this election year.

It's one thing being crude and rude, or to double down on lies, but when a front running presidential candidate promises to weaken the First Amendment...then we've entered the Twilight Zone!

Every news cycle day there's something new about Trump in the press. Give him credit, he knows how to get attention. But, in the last week he got more attention than he wanted from the press and his ego wouldn't stand for it!

Feeling butt hurt about recent reports of his fradulent University and the pending lawsuit against him has triggered Trump's famous temper.

"I love the free press. I think it's great," he said Saturday on Fox News Channel, before quickly adding, "We ought to open up the libel laws, and I'm going to do that," he threatened.

This is a typical Trump tactic; when he doesn't like something or wants to drag unfavorable court cases (or IRS audits) out he sues. 

Trump has no problem with being a hypocrite. On one hand he's telling his followers that he'd be tough on illegal immigrants, and on the other he's hoping you don't look into his past.

When he built Trump Tower he used undocumented immigrant labor (about 150 polish men) who were only paid a fraction of what others in the construction trade were being paid.

“They were undocumented and worked ‘off the books,’” Manhattan federal Judge Charles Stewart said of the workers after they became the subject of a 1983 lawsuit. “No records were kept, no Social Security or other taxes were withheld.”

During the 16-day non-jury trial, a number of the Polish workers testified that Trump underlings had threatened them with deportation if they caused trouble.

The judge ruled that Trump knew the Polish workers were working "off the books," that they were doing demolition work, that they were non-union, that they worked in unsafe conditions, that they were paid substandard wages with no overtime pay, and that they were paid irregularly if at all.

There's your good businessman, who also had to file bankruptcy four times. Trump last month threatened to sue the Post after the newspaper wrote an article about the bankruptcy of his Atlantic City casino.

The reason I feel like this is a Twilight Zone episode is simple; he's leading the polls for Republican candidates.
I can only hope his uneducated followers (Trump quote: "I love uneducated people!") and other followers wake up in time before it's too late.

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Il Fotografo di Fiori said...

Jail time should be the norm for ripping off any worker, whether he or she is in this country illegally or legally. I'm sick of all the immigrant-bashing and exploitation of both legal and illegal immigrants. Just as sick of hearing people blame America's problems on immigrants. Such scapegoating has more than one dark historical precedent. It doesn't usually end well when a nation endorses such extreme and uneducated views. Good column, Dave.

ImBlogCrazy said...

Thanks Glenn. Appreciate your input.

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