Saturday, November 28, 2015

Here’s some news that’s not fit to be primetime, but it’ll make you laugh!

Good Day World!

Welcome to my zany world of news tidbits. These tidbits seldom make the mainstream news, or even in social media for that matter. 

But you can always stop by here to see what your missing:


rare026The NFL recently conducted tests on player’s helmets to see if they could be improved, and reduce traumatic head injuries.

Unfortunately, the test volunteer developed a lisp and was talking in tongues when they finally suspended the research.

10-punt-gunWHAT A BLAST!

 In a moment of downtime, Republican candidates for president recently tried out the new Hummingbird Shotgun in order to gain the NRA’s approval.

 According to reports Donald Trump shot himself in the foot with it! Ted Cruz got in on the fun with the big gun and pointed it at the Mexican border and dared immigrants from entering the country. Ben Carson was such a bad shot that he missed a gaggle of hummingbirds three feet away and reportedly took out the archangel Michael who was converting Ft. Knox into a grain storage center!

BEST-Halloween-Pet-Costumes-Funny-Animal-Costume-Ideas-for-Dogs-and-Cats-unique-holloween-top-ever-pets-19-300x225DRONE on DUDE!

Doug the Wonder Dog prepares to make history by being the first Drone Dog to patrol the skies over animal shelters. His stealthy goggles allow him to see great distances.

His master says if Doug sees an animal in trouble he’ll swoop down and rescue it (as long as it doesn’t weigh more than him!)

Time for me to walk on down the road…

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