Thursday, August 6, 2015

Why Americans Will Proudly Continue to Lead the World in Gun Deaths

Good Day World!

No matter what sources you want to tout there’s no doubt that the USA leads the world in gun deaths.

You know why? We love guns.

Excerpt from Happiness is a Warm Gun by The Beatles

“Mother Superior jump the gun
Mother Superior jump the gun
Mother Superior jump the gun
Mother Superior jump the gun.
Happiness is a warm gun
Happiness is a warm gun
When I hold you in my arms
And I feel my finger on your trigger
I know nobody can do me no harm
Because happiness is a warm gun.
Happiness is a warm gun
Yes it is.
Happiness is a warm, yes it is, gun.
Well, don’t you know that happiness is a warm gun, mama.”

But guns aren’t really cuddly. The USA sets the standard for the planet when it comes to mass killings on a regular basis. We’re putting little third world countries to shame when it comes to slaughtering our own on a monthly basis!

Beyond the fact that we love our guns, here’s some more answers to a few questions you might have about guns and mass shootings, including:

How common are mass shootings in this country?
How many people own guns?
Are mass shootings becoming more common?
When were deadliest shootings in U.S. history?
Is the United States an especially violent place, compared to other countries?
Where is violence most common in America?
Is the number of guns related to the number of homicides?
Is gun control?
Is there public support for gun control?
What about for particular gun control policies?
How do mass shootings affect public opinion on this issue?

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