Tuesday, August 4, 2015

3 Suggestions: You might as well smile, or better yet laugh!


Good Day World!

War, famine, plagues, global warming, and a looming presidential election are some pretty heavy subjects to consider.

They defy us to smile. They’re in our face in the main stream media and the social media, dragging us down…and depressing us. If we let them.

First suggestion; take a chill pill and breath before surfing the net, TV, and talk show radio shows. Most of what you’re going to encounter is propaganda driven by corporations with special interests.

After you realize you have a choice – negative or positive - to make, you’re on the road to empowerment.

You can let all of these terrible things harsh your high daily if you get too serious about them. It’s one thing to recognize what’s happening in the world around you, and another to put it into perspective.

Be real. When your best friend dies, smiling isn’t on your mind. Perhaps later when you recall good memories laughter will come and help you to heal.

Second suggestion; seek your inner funny and start putting humorous spins on all of these terrible challenges. You can’t joke about everything…or can you? Laughter is the best medicine for combating what life throws at you – both in the media and your own personal life.  

Third suggestion; because your not a god and you can’t do squat about most of these challenges, cut yourself some slack. Those personal challenges you face will get easier if you go at them in a positive manner.

Oh yeah…work on that smile so when someone tells you that Russia is going to attack any moment you can come back with a snappy reply like;

“Sarah Palin, the USA’s unofficial Russia-watcher, has assured President Obama that she can see Putin from her front porch and if any funny stuff goes on she’ll know it and warn us!” 

Be happy.

Time for me to walk on down the road…

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