Friday, May 15, 2015

Boehner ‘the Boob’ Denies Reality - Calls Reporter ‘Stupid’

Don’t bother House Speaker John Boehner with facts.

He’s liable to call you stupid.

If there’s one thing Boehner can’t stand it’s the truth. You can slap him in the face with it, and he’d just blink stupidly.

When he claimed that the fatal Amtrak crash wasn't caused by a lack of federal funds, and mocked a reporter for even asking about it, reality was tossed out the window.

FACT: the Republican-run House Appropriations Committee voted to cut Amtrak's budget for next year to $1.1 billion, a $251 million reduction.

FACT: the panel also voted down a Democratic effort to boost federal funds for the railroad by more than $1 billion, including extra money for the busy Northeast corridor, where the derailment occurred.

FACT: Insufficient funding had delayed installation of an advanced electronic system for keeping trains from speeding, called positive train control, on the track where the accident occurred.

FACT: The Amtrak tragedy could have been avoided if the advanced electronic system had been in effect.

When you’re a partisan boob like Boehner reality is a toy to play with and to manipulate. This latest example proves it.

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