Thursday, April 9, 2015

The ‘Silent Majority’ Needs a Candidate That Can Motivate Millennials

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Most Americans identify with the Democratic Party according to A study released Tuesday by the Pew Research Center.

Despite the findings, GOP candidates for the House of Representatives in 2014 garnered millions more votes than their Democratic rivals.

So how did a decisive Democratic edge in the general population translate to a distinct Republican advantage at the polls?

For some quick backround let’s look at two different versions of what’s happening in politics today:

Emerging Democratic Majority

Emerging Republican Advantage

After everything is said and done, the answer why we have a GOP dominated Congress is simple: the Democratic majority is mute. They aren’t voting.

The Pew study surveyed more than 25,000 adults throughout 2014, a much broader sample than traditional opinion polls. It also found that Democrats retain a wide advantage among younger Americans.

Fifty-one percent of Millennials (defined as people ages 18-33) either identify as Democrats or lean that way, compared to 35 percent who identify as or lean Republican.

Unfortunately, when the Millennials forsake voting, it leaves a vast majority of Americans under-represented by a Conservative minority. The results, as we all know, is a polarized Congress trying to force an agenda down American throats.

It’s apparent that the Democratic Party needs to capture these Millennial’s attention, and get them to vote. A silent majority isn’t the recipe for a healthy America. The question is, who is going to step forward and attract these voters?

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