Monday, February 17, 2014

Satanism Gone Mainstream? It Appears that Way

Satanist Monument

Good Day World!

Satan still gets his due in the 21st Century.

It use to be difficult to find news stories about satanic practices, covens, and witchcraft.

It’s practically mainstream now. Case in point:

Satanists Unveil Statue for Oklahoma Capitol

Here’s a recent case of devil-worshippers admitting they’re murderers, with at least 22 victims. 

A teen Satanist in a Pennsylvania prison claims she has killed nearly two dozen people in different parts of the country, according to a report in a local newspaper.

"When I hit 22, I stopped counting," Miranda Barbour said in an jailhouse interview with local newspaper the Daily Item in Sudbury. She added in the interview that ran on Saturday that she just wanted to be honest.

Barbour, 19, has been charged with the murder of a man allegedly lured to a rendezvous through Craigslist.

Here’s a link to an article which asserts:

Why American Christians Love Satan

“Just like their historical forbears, American believers like to blame bad things on the devil. But what if he’s just a convenient way to hide from the truth?

In America, much like God, Satan works in mysterious ways. Just how mysterious depends on who you talk to.

For instance, a good number of Christians became convinced that Satan made an appearance at last month’s Grammy Awards. While Christians detecting Satan’s presence at large music gatherings is hardly novel, the fact that Satan showed up right smack in the middle of a performance by Katy Perry and Juicy J. caused this particular sighting to be deemed more buzzworthy than most.

Some evangelicals even speculated about whether or not Perry, while singing “Dark Horse,” had enacted an ancient satanic ritual, one that had actually summoned the Prince of Darkness to join her on the Grammy stage.”

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