Friday, February 28, 2014

New Learnist app has people talking

It’s really been fun watching Learnist grow, and being part of it’s development team. It’s been exciting watching the progress, and now there’s more to report.

The launching of Learnist’s new app for iPod and iPod touch is being noted throughout the tech community.

Here’s some random articles about the rapidly growing learning platform: Learnist

The big news in the tech world is Learnists’s new app is ready to monetize its roughly 10 million users, but ads are not part of the equation.
Rather, with the launch of its new mobile app for iPhone and iPod touch, Learnist is now selling “learnboards” -- or multimedia tutorials that span the arts, technology, sports, food and fitness, among other topics -- for 99 cents a pop:

Learnist Launches Mobile Apps To Monetize Site


Technologizer’s, Harry McCracken, reviews the new Learnist app and gives it some love:

Learnist’s iPhone App Now Lets You Learn from Celebs as Well as Everybody


New Learnist App for iPhone and iPod touch Unveils Digital Bookstore Featuring Premium Content by Notable Experts

Learnist Educational Content App Unveils Digital Bookstore


Learnist, an app that's grown to three million monthly active users in less than two years, is ready to test the so-called freemium market. For the uninitiated, "freemium" is a tactic in which a mobile app is offered for free before monetizing it through premium content:

Olivia Wilde and Gus Van Zant Ink Deals With Learnist


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