Thursday, February 14, 2013

Drone Wars abroad and how they’re coming home to stalk us

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Drones are increasingly on the front lines of combat.

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The 21st Century is producing technological changes so rapidly they’re hard to keep up with.

For years we’ve been hearing about drones. Most Americans think of them as pilotless planes that bomb or spy on an enemy. As it turns out domestic use of drones is increasing.

  The fact is we’ve been using them to spy on activities from vehicle speeders to suspected bad guys in their homes and wherever they go. Drones are controversial for a lot of reasons. I can’t help feeling queasy about their use in the USA. There’s something about the Big Brother aspect in the sky that doesn’t make me feel warm and cozy.

I’ve gathered some current news about drones that you may find interesting:

Holder Spells Out Why Drones Target U.S. Citizens

American drone deaths highlight controversy

Drone Wars: Rand Paul vs. John Brennan

Panetta announces medal for drone pilots

Military weighs cutbacks, shifts in drone programs

Domestic Drones

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