Friday, September 21, 2012

The Republican War On Chairs: We Are All Chairs Now!

 The entire Progdom is up in arms since the Chair Wars started with Clint Eastwood's unprovoked attack on an innocent chair at the RNC. Instead of acting as a policy expert like all the Prog actors do, Mr. Eastwood presumed to act as an actor and delivered an acting performance. What a bizarre idea!
Unbeknownst to Eastwood, that was actually the 5th or the 6th most interesting chair in the room. It had enough capacity to seat not just our invisible president, but also millions of jobs that had been saved or created, as well as undocumented voters, necroproxies, and all the fake Twitter followers.

Implying that Obama was an empty chair was as nonsensical as saying "The Emperor has no clothes!" But the Emperor "episode" has been thoroughly debunked by the progressive historians, who proved that the Emperor was, in fact, wearing a magnificent dress, visible only to the smart and the enlightened, and that the boy's heckling was manufactured by the Republican machine, paid for by the Koch brothers. Just like that non-story, Eastwood's attack on all chairs is bound to the ash heap of history, along with capitalist greed and American imperialism in general.

                                                      We are all chairs now!
Below are some helpful visuals prepared by our Department of Visual Agitation to be used in the fight. No Pasaran!
The incumbent chair - COTUS (Chair of the United States) - is now available on transparent background, for you Photoshoppers to use in your own tactical maneuvers.


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