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LEARNIST: Introducing a website that you’re going to love with Apps for iPAD and iPHONE!

Learnist iPad & iPhone apps now available

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          Good Day Humboldt County!

I’m excited to share this new website – LEARNIST – with you, especially as I’m on the staff – as a political news contributor.

Check it out. I think you’ll really enjoy the thousands of topics curated by experts in every field. Look for me under POLITICS.

Grockit(TM), the social learning company that introduced Learnist(TM) in May 2012, today announced that its popular people-curated, social learning application will enable mobile social learning experiences via Learnist for the iPhone(R) and Learnist for the iPad(R).



Introducing Learnist Apps for iPad® and iPhone®


Learnist is like a collaborative, multimedia, and interactive ebook from the future.

Create lessons on any subject using your iPhone's camera.

Browse thousands of learning resources curated by experts and teachers on the iPad and iPhone.

                        Go here for detailed lessons on how to use the new Learnist Apps

“From the beginning, Learnist was designed with mobility in mind. The Retina displays of the iPhone and iPad make for an unparalleled learning experience, and the fact that so many millions of people have these devices with them all the time means just that many more opportunities for collaboration and creation,” says Grockit founder Farbood Nivi.

The 'Learnist for (the) iPhone' App makes it easy to use the high-resolution camera to capture images that you can instantly sequence into a how-to guide or lesson. Share your lesson with anyone and collaborate with your readers. Learnist on the iPhone can even use GPS to show your location on learnings that use maps. You can also browse and learn from thousands of topics created and curated by other Learnist members.

The 'Learnist for (the) iPad' App is optimized for learning from the thousands of topics curated by experts, teachers, and other members. The, long battery-life, large stunning display and LTE capabilities make multimedia, interactive and collaborative learning available from almost anywhere at anytime. Browse and learn about topics including Art & Design, Education, Food & Drinks, Travel & Places, Sports and more.

“Whether it’s in the classroom, the workplace or the home, people learn best when they do it together and often when they are sharing a computer or tablet screen,” says Roy Gilbert, Grockit CEO. “Our goal is to help people learn from and teach each other with the incredibly rich educational resources found all over the internet. Our new mobile apps make it fun for Learnist users to do this.”

                      Update on Learnist

In a two-month-long, invite-only beta of the Learnist web application, tens-of-thousands of people joined Learnist sharing expert knowledge focused on a wide range of academic and casual learning topics. Notably, several thousand American teachers joined Learnist, creating “Learnboards” covering 100% of the new Common Core academic standards for public school grades 7-12. And, influential non-academic experts are adopting Learnist, including best-selling author of Lean Startup, Eric Ries and fashion designer Melissa Fleis, popular contestant on reality TV series Project Runway.

To request an invitation to Learnist, please visit or download Learnist for the iPad or Learnist for the iPhone on the Apple(R) App Store(SM), here:

News VIA Street Insider

                                          For those of you who aren’t on FaceBook: 

Users can use Learnist without having a Facebook account. 

While they will not be able to create content, like or comment within the application, they can still access all of the content on Learnist.   This allows users to pull up the Learnist website during a class period, meeting, or in any situation where Facebook is restricted and still explore the content in Learnist.  While there is different values in having members use all of Learnist's features, we have designed this solution as a work around for our current users who can't access Facebook at the workplace.

Here's some more information on why we use Facebook in connecting to Learnist:

Facebook is only used to authenticate users, and any sharing features are turned off by default. As an online educational community, Learnist is fully integrated with the web, which allows for a rich experience, but also presents its own unique challenges. We strive to keep our educational community as authentic and valuable as possible. In that regard, we hope to keep the Learnist community clear of fake users, spam and advertising which will not add value to the community, or worse - distract from it.

To be clear, Learnist uses your facebook name and profile picture to populate your Learnist profile. Additionally, your Learnist account will automatically follow any friends you have on Facebook that are also on Learnist. That's the extent of Facebook integration, unless you select to activate Sharing/Social features, which are turned off by default. No one can access your Facebook profile from Learnist, or vice-versa - unless one chooses to do so.

In essence, there really isn't a a 'blurring' of professional and personal lives in terms of privacy. However, we do hope that the Learnist community is useful in both a professional and personal sense and transcends more traditional concepts of education. :) 

We chose to start with Facebook during our Beta phase because the social aspect is central to our philosophy. We believe that learning is deeply individual, it is also highly social. While our discovery engines play an important role, we've always valued people over algorithms. We've found that people learn more and quicker with the help of others. The social element – sharing and commenting – is integrated throughout; you can push “learnings” to your Facebook timeline; you can follow people as well as topics. As learners move through the resources, they can check off the “learnings” they’ve completed. And they can add and suggests new learnings, as well as suggest experts (or, well, “others”) contribute to particular boards.

Time for me to walk on down the road…

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