Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cop Jared Rohrig Charged with Posing as His Twin to Have Sex with His Girlfriend


                                     Good Day Humboldt County!

  I’ve got an interesting tale of a real douchebag that I thought would be fun to kick the day off with. Just when you think you’ve heard it all, guys like Jared Rohrig prove you’re wrong.

 Straight from True Crime Report:

Orange, Connecticut policeman Jared Rohrig has a ton of class. When his twin brother Joseph's girlfriend arrived at the family home late one night -- yes, he's 25 and he still lives with his mom -- Jared pretended to be Joseph. He and the unnamed woman hung out in the hot tub before heading to bed.
But the woman -- who we're guessing was a little tipsy -- noticed something unusual in the midst of having sex. Her boyfriend has a cowboy tattoo on his butt. The man she was romping with did not. That's when she discovered she was sexing up the wrong brother. The woman tried to flee, but she says Jared pulled her back to bed, put a pillow over her face, and continued to rape her...

He's been hit with rape and impersonation charges, and has since resigned from the Orange PD. His mother, Joanne Rohrig, was so embarrassed she will not seek re-election to the Milford, Connecticut Board of Education. And Joseph -- we're just hoping here -- will soon be charged with assault for kicking the living shit out of his brother. He's expected to be acquitted under a rare ecclesiastical statute that permits beating your brother in the event that he sleeps with your girlfriend.”

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