Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cops arrest 87-year old man for cultivation violation: too many plants

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Once again, stupidity rules, as the cops come down like gangbusters against an 87-year old man.

When you listen to this vid you’ll see how crazy things are, even with all the required 215 associated compliances.

Yes, he had too many plants according to the cops, but do you take a senior citizen like this to jail for such a minor infringement?

The answer should be NO, in a free society.

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Charlie Bean said...

Have to agree, this was a needless arrest. If law enforcement would have investigated a little, they could of verified his story and those involved could of brought their cards, if they had them. But arresting him, was a waste of time and money!

Locally, law enforcement can handle misdemeanors differently, thus saving enforcing the laws less expensive, by using more personal judgement.

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