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AS IT STANDS takes a look at a paramilitary group called the ‘LIGHT FOOT MILITIA’

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  You may be aware of paramilitary groups in America, but never read much about them. Today I’m offering the following information on one group – the Idaho regiment of the Light Foot Militia.

The Light Foot Militia started in Kootenai, Bonner and Boundary counties in northern Idaho, but units have sprung up around the country, including in Utah, Washington, Oregon, New Mexico, Texas and Pennsylvania. Members of the Light Foot Militia train together to prepare for a time when they must protect themselves, their families or their community from an unforeseen scenario. The Lightfoot Militia claims they are not racists, but only have Caucasian members.

The panhandle of Idaho is known for its beautiful mountains, trees, and waterways. It's also home to a growing group of men and women who call themselves the Idaho regiment of the Light Foot Militia. Members believe they are the "teeth of the Constitution" at a time of economic and political uncertainty for the United States of America.

According to the Light Foot Militia standards, a 69-page document available on the group's website, the unit’s patch is green with a Spartan helmet with crossed swords pictured below the ancient Greek words, "Molon Labe," meaning "Come and get them."

(Photo below) Members from multiple battalions of the Light Foot Militia salute the American flag while, left to right, Willard Protsman, Robert Clemens and Randall Klein remove it from a makeshift flagpole and fold it at the end of a weekend training exercise near Priest Lake, Idaho.

 "The Constitution is what protects your freedom and liberty. It’s the document the guarantees everything you do," said Maj. Stankiewicz, describing the reason he and his fellow militia members felt duty-bound to join the Light Foot Militia. "It’s the whole point of it and why we are our here to defend the free republic. The 2nd Amendment is the teeth of our Constitution." (Source)

PhotoBlog: Learn more about the Idaho Light Foot Militia

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