Tuesday, April 3, 2012

There are 13 faces hidden somewhere inside in this optical illusion below. Can you find them all?



moviedad said...

Ok, I know this is my second comment...but I just have to say something about "Dolittle" she needs to stop. just stop painting. please. Please just stop. Her paintings are some of the most subtle racism and anti-indian works out there. Next to: "End of the Trail" (beaten-dejected Indian on horse) her work does more to promote the idea of Indians as part of some fictional history. Like they don't exist anymore as a real people. They only exist in the rocks and foliage.
Just my opinion...but please, Ms. Dolittle, just stop painting Indians. Couldn't ya paint conservative "New-American Centurions" as some forgotten "Race" of people? Them I wouldn't miss at all.

ImBlogCrazy said...

I never heard of this artist.It's the first thing I ever posted by her.

I wasn't aware of the racist implications. I'm sorry for posting it and not checking that out.

thanks for the info moviedad...and thanks for commenting! The more often the better. Then I know someone's reading it.

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