Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I’m sorry…I don’t recognize your face…

                         Good Day Humboldt County!

The road we’re taking today may be a familiar one to you. Have you ever had a hard time recognizing someone’s face? Someone you knew, like a celebrity perhaps? I know I have because of my short, and long term, memory loss from PTSD. It actually happens a lot to me.

There’s another reason why people have trouble recognizing faces. A study,published Jan. 23 in the journal Brain, talks about individuals who have prosopagnosia. If you’ve never heard of prosopagnosia, don’t feel alone. I know I haven’t. Apparently it’s a disorder rendering people unable to distinguish another's mug. Researchers say the reason for that is a breakdown in a brain pathway used to process faces. Study researcher Bradley Duchaine, of Dartmouth University, told LiveScience there are probably different types of prosopagnosia.

Anyway, I’ve learned something new today. Read the entire article here.

Time to walk on down the road…



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