Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What do you think? Do animals really know right from wrong?

My pug Millie certainly knows when she’s done something wrong. Like Tank (the dog on the left) she cowers and looks at you with her big pleading eyes…

which usually works!

This is an interesting article on the subject and well worth your time to read. Enjoy, it might give you some insights into your pet.

“In a famous YouTube video, Tank the dog sure does look guilty when his owner comes home to find trash scattered everywhere, and the trash can lid incriminatingly stuck on Tank's head. But does the dog really know he misbehaved, or is he just trying to look submissive because his owner is yelling at him?

In another new video from the BBC "Frozen Planet" series, Adelie penguins are seen gathering stones to build their nests. One penguin stealthily steals a stone from his neighbor's nest every time the neighbor goes a-gathering. Does the penguin thief know its covert actions are wrong?”     Read the rest here.

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