Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Warlock and witches enlisted in drug wars, City lights could point the way for aliens, and Trump accuses Jon Stewart of being racist

Image: Luis Tomas Marthen Torres, a warlock, performs a ritual of protection on Julisa del Carmen in the town of Catemaco, Veracruz, Mexico.

  Good Morning Humboldt County!

It’s another day in paradise and I’ve got the coffee on. C’mon in and join me for a cup. I’ve selected a trio of stories that’ll get your gray matter going today:

Warlocks, witches enlisted in Mexico drug wars

CATEMACO, Mexico — In the dimly lighted back room of a modest house in this tourist city now largely devoid of tourists, Luis Tomás Marthen Torres, a warlock with 50 years of experience, closes his eyes and chants as he briskly rubs a stark white egg over the arms, chest and neck of a worried customer.

The ritual is old and common here in Mexico’s dominant hub for masters of the occult — where wizardry is passed from generation to generation — but like so many things in Mexico, the requests for help have changed.“People ask us for assistance because they’re scared of threats, of extortion. They’re full of negative energy,” says Mr. Marthen Torres. Visitors to this middle-class town of around 67,000 people, which attributes its mysticism to the region’s ancient Olmec roots, had for decades sought wizards to cast love spells and cure physical ailments.

    City lights could point to E.T.

Astronomers suggest that artificial illumination creates a signature that could point to the existence of civilizations on other worlds — and they say we should get started on a survey of the edges of our own solar system, just in case.The suggestion comes from Harvard's Abraham Loeb and Princeton's Edwin Turner, in a research paper submitted to the journal Astrobiology. A version of the paper appears on the preprint server and sparked a write-up today on Technology Review's Physics arXiv Blog.

Trump accuses Jon Stewart of 'racist rant'

Let's face it, Donald Trump feuding with someone is hardly shocking.

But that doesn't stop the Republican supporter from pointing the finger at somebody when duty calls. So who's the entrepreneur yellin' at now?

Jon Stewart is facing the real estate mogul's wrath after making what Trump calls a "racist rant" about Herman Cain on "The Daily Show."

The comedian commented on the Republican presidential candidate's confusing reply to reports that he faced sexual harassment charges during the 1990s, joking that it was like responding to the question, "Have you ever kidnapped a baby?" with the response, "No. Well, other than the Lindbergh baby."

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