Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Smokin’ Joe loses battle with Cancer, Mom rescues tot from washing machine, and Crosby & Nash to play at Occupy Wall Street

Frazier was small for a heavyweight, only 205 pounds, but fought like a much bigger man with his deadly left hook.

          Good Morning Humboldt County!

It sure is nice to be back home! I’m glad you could make it today. C’mon in and grab a cup of hot Joe with me. There’s so many thing happening in our world that all I can do is give you a brief snapshot – three to be exact – of what’s in today’s headlines. I hope you enjoy them and I’ll see ya tomorrow.

           Smokin’Joe Frazier dies at 67

Frazier, who died Monday night after a brief battle with liver cancer at the age of 67, will forever be associated with Ali.

No one in boxing would ever dream of anointing Ali as The Greatest unless he, too, was linked to Smokin' Joe.

         Mom rescues tot from washing machine

A Washington state woman used a wrench to break the window of a running washing machine and rescue her 5-year-old daughter at a Laundromat in Okanogan. The girl either climbed in or was put in the washing machine Saturday night and it started running even though it had been marked "out of order," the Okanogan County sheriff's office said.

The girl's 29-year-old mother ran to her car, grabbed a wrench, smashed the washing machine door and pulled out her daughter, the Wenatchee World reported. The girl suffered a 10-inch cut on her back and was treated at a hospital in Omak. The hospital declined to comment on the girl's condition.

David Crosby, Graham Nash to play at Occupy Wall Street

Longtime musicians and activists David Crosby and Graham Nash are scheduled to perform a concert at the Occupy Wall Street protest site in Manhattan's Zuccotti Park.

The Occupy Wall Street website says the Tuesday afternoon concert will be an acoustic set of protest songs.

Crosby, a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer of Crosby Stills and Nash fame, visited the park last week.

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