Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Prop 215 supporters protest today at noon, Would you know if the government put a GPS device on your car? and pro basketball season is scuttled


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Looks like Mother Nature is going to be kind with another sunny day with a touch of hawk wind. Step right in my humble blog, and grab a cup of coffee. There’s plenty of seats to go around. Here’s what I have for you today: imagesCAODXNMA

Prop. 215 supporters from around the state will be protesting the federal government's attack on medical marijuana at the U.S. Courthouse in Sacramento, 501 I Street, today at noon.The protest is sponsored by a coalition of organizations including California NORML.


Several justices on the U.S. Supreme Court said Tuesday they have reservations about allowing law enforcement to do such monitoring without a warrant

Has the government attached GPS to your car?

Most of us really appreciate the benefits of GPS — except when it's surreptitiously attached to our vehicle by the government. And how would you know?

You wouldn't. That's the point, of course: Feds and police agencies investigating bad guys don't want them to know they're being tracked.

But what if you're not a bad guy? What if you're just ... you?

The Supreme Court is expected to rule before June on the issue of whether a warrant is needed for GPS monitoring. Until then, wouldn't hurt to check your car or ask your mechanic to do so. Just in case.


           NBA Basketball season probably isn’t going to happen

On Tuesday NBA players’ union team representatives met, rejected the owners offer on the table and said they wanted more negotiations. According to tweets from Marc Stein at ESPN, the consensus at that meeting was to go with the 50/50 split of league revenues the owners want if the owners will give a few more things on system issues.

Then just more than an hour later David Stern went on NBA TV and said the owners were not changing their offer. At all. Neither system or revenue. When David Aldridge asked Stern if there was wiggle room on the owners offer, he replied: “As of Sunday morning at 3 in the morning there was none left.”

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