Friday, June 10, 2011

Who Would You Say is the Fifth Face of Mount Rushmore?

If you observe Mount Rushmore from certain point, you can see that four former US presidents aren’t the only ones present.

Turning the photo for 90 degrees (as seen below) can help you visualize the fifth persona even better! Who would you say it represents? Think this was by accident or intentionally planned?

I almost see Tricky Dick Nixon (the sagging cheeks). If it wasn’t for the broken nose, he would be my guess.

Anyway, here’s an interesting fact about Mount Rushmore: did you know that the four presidents carved into the granite were initially planned to be depicted from head to waist?

Unfortunately, lack of funding forced construction to its end. Either way, the memorial still attracts approximately two million people annually.

You can see Gutzon Borglum’s (the man behind the sculptures) original plans by visiting wikipedia.

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