Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Morning Thoughts: melon-sized hail and other stuff

Melon-sized hail that fell during a severe thunderstorm ...

Good Morning Humboldt County!

Got my coffee and I’m ready to go. Take a load off and join me. The national weather continues to be the top story in the news: 

Violent weather swept across the Eastern seaboard, dropping heavy rains that flooded towns from New England to Georgia, knocking out power and killing at least three people in the Atlanta area.

Caroline Floyd, lead meteorologist at The Weather Channel, wrote on its website that Saturday would be "another day of thunderstorms in the Northeast."

Melon-sized hail that fell during a severe thunderstorm in Norman, OK. … Read more »



Palin not invited to this rally by current organizers, but she still plans on attending.

Rolling Thunder: Sarah Palin not invited

One day after Sarah Palin announced her bus tour, a group sponsoring a Memorial Day weekend event she plans to attend said they never invited her.

"She wasn't invited. We heard yesterday she came out with a press release she was coming to Rolling Thunder," Ted Shpak, national legislative director of Rolling Thunder, told "Andrea Mitchell Reports." Shpak is one of three members of Rolling Thunder's current leadership who says he had no idea Palin was coming until it was posted on her website.


Image: Security camera photo of "Grandma Bandit"

Cops: Slain 'Grandma Bandit' was a man


The elderly-looking gun-toting robber nicknamed “Grandma Bandit,” blamed for a string of heists of several Atlanta-area drugstores, was actually a man, police say.

The revelation was made by police Friday evening, hours after the suspect was fatally shot after a police chase, The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reported.


Time for me to head on down the road…

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