Saturday, March 12, 2011

Think about it – no more need to worry about idiots who leave their turn signals on forever…

I was reading my good friend, Woody Woodburn’s column “Distraction on roads all the rage” at the Ventura Star and found out something that will help reduce my irritation at people who leave their turn signals on forever!

It sure made my day knowing that there was hope this distraction will disappear someday. This company (RLP Engineering) responded to Woody’s column and provided the following link:


 “INTELLITURN is the first and only smart turn signal designed for all motor vehicles.  INTELLITURN is a system with no moving parts that precisely and intelligently controls right and left turn signals. 

By eliminating the steering column mechanism and using computer control to shut off the turn signal at a situation-appropriate point through the turn, a vast improvement in an old technology is born. The result is that the overall driving experience is enhanced and vehicle safety is improved.  The common shortcomings of today's mechanical turn signal control become a thing of the past.”

GO HERE to learn more about this new system.

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