Saturday, March 5, 2011

Public shaming: taking disipline to the streets when all else fails

Evelyn Border holding a sign in front of the Bedford County courthouse in Bedford, Pa. (© Bedford County District Attorney's Office/AP)

I’d love to see this trend extend to politicians who lie, cheat, and otherwise discredit public service. I would make one a modification for their punishment; going “old school” with the stocks. Remember them?

“Time-outs, groundings and confiscated toys are so old-school.

Today's parents are getting more creative with their punishments. When their kids misbehave, some moms and dads are taking their discipline to the streets. Though public shaming of criminals has fallen out of fashion elsewhere in the world, it's still popular in the United States for misdeeds like reckless driving and shoplifting. See which kids — and a few adults — learned their lesson the public way.”

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Anonymous said...

Hey dave!!
Could give a whole knew meaning to "Stocks and Bonds"!

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