Friday, January 14, 2011

Forget about man biting dog for a story – try Fox shoots man!

A wild fox cub lies outside its burrow near the village of Khatenchitsy north of Minsk

I remember the old journalism saying; “It’s not a story when a dog bites a man. It is a story however, if the man bites the dog.”

“MOSCOW (Reuters) – A wounded fox shot its would be killer in Belarus by pulling the trigger on the hunter's gun as the pair scuffled after the man tried to finish the animal off with the butt of the rifle, media said Thursday.

The unnamed hunter, who had approached the fox after wounding it from a distance, was in hospital with a leg wound, while the fox made its escape, media said, citing prosecutors from the Grodno region.

"The animal fiercely resisted and in the struggle accidentally pulled the trigger with its paw," one prosecutor was quoted as saying.

Fox-hunting is popular in the picturesque farming region of northwestern Belarus which borders Poland.”

(Reporting by Amie Ferris-Rotman; Editing by Matthew Jones)


Jendocino said...

You know, they've discovered that chimps in the wild can teach each other how to make and use rudimentary spears for hunting small mammals. I think we'd better keep them away from this trigger-happy fox!!

ImBlogCrazy said...

I kinda look at the incident as karma...he shouldn't have been hunting just for sport!
I think that's barbabic.
Hunting for food is somewhat better if you don't have access to meat in your diet.