Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday Hints: Awesome toys for guys who never grew up

Because you're never too old for Star Wars, Voltron and R/C hover choppers

If we're talking about Peter Pan's Lost Boys, then a sackful of marbles should do the trick. For every other man who spends more time playing with his son's or nephew's Christmas presents than his own, consider the following...

Playsam's Saab Roadster, $435

Being a design classic and all, even if the giftee doesn't have children who can ride around on this wooden Roadster, the Scandi-design will still look great parked in a hallway or corner.[ Playsam]

Parrot's AR.Drone, $300

R/C helicopters have matured. Your man-child will need an iPhone or iPod Touch to control the newest coolest one. Once it's Bluetooth-ed up he can then compete against another AR.Drone-owning friend using the upcoming Pursuit app. [ Parrot]

There’s more here.

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