Friday, October 22, 2010

Woman drives around with corpse in car for months before being discovered

Remember Weekend at Bernie’s ?

I just ran across this true, but bizarre, news story.


A California woman drove for nearly a year with a dead body in her passenger seat…

You might ask “Didn’t she…aaahhh smell anything?” Apparently she did because police found a box of baking soda next to the decaying corpse. Isn’t that special?

The woman who carted the mummified remains around - like a scene out of Weekend with Bernie’s - is a 57 year-old real estate agent. She befriended the woman letting her sleep in her car because she was homeless.

When she died, the real estate agent didn’t know what to do and just covered her up. An interesting reaction to say the least. She put a blanket over her and proceeded to drive around for 10 months until accidently discovered.

One investigating police officer observed that she must have gotten use to the smell. How does a person get use to the very ripe small of a decaying corpse? I know it would take a lot more than one box of baking soda (a mountain wouldn’t suffice!).

Just another case of truth being at least as strange as fiction! 

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