Thursday, October 21, 2010

Toad-al shock: Couple find frog in bag of frozen veggies

Image: Frog in vegetables

What’s going on? Frogs are turning up in bottles of wine (see recent post below) and in bags of veggies. Is this some sinister conspiracy against frogs?

Most important, what happened to the frog? It sounds like he woke up to a screaming woman who re-sealed him back up in the bag!

This chilling tale of unexpected protein has changed a Michigan family’s life

Tim Hoffman is getting used to all the frog jokes. He smiles along when co-workers walk past him and say, “Ribbit! Ribbit!”

He understands why his story captures the imaginations of frozen-vegetable buyers everywhere, and he’s even able to chuckle about it a little bit in hindsight. But that doesn’t mean it’s really a laughing matter.

Schneider of the Lansing State Journal said it’s been entertaining to watch the buzz building online over the frog story.

“Some of the comments have been pretty funny,” Schneider said. “People were saying, ‘What’s he complaining about? It’s a complete meal in a bag! He should be going back and paying Meijer another $3!’ ”

Read the whole story here.

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