Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ulta Efficient Auto Contest: Super-cars Split $10 million in X Prize race

Image: Cars on track

Over the years I’ve written several columns about cars powered by non-fossil fuels.

My favorite has been Tata Motor’s cars that are powered by compressed-air.There’s some running around in England, and other parts of Europe, but they just haven’t caught on yet.

Meanwhile, all-electric, battery, and hybrid vehicles, are becoming the “in-thing.” That is a good thing for the environment. These slick vehicles featured in the article are cool, but I don’t see any hitting the mass market soon. The X-Prize top winner, a four-seat car that gets 102 miles per gallon was awarded $5 million. The vehicles were designed to encourage the development of ultra-efficient automobiles

Read the whole article here.

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