Friday, September 17, 2010

As It Stands: Thoughts About The Moon

ATT0004312I was climbing to the moon the other night when my ladder ran out of rungs…


so I had to wait until the moon came to me

 Then I attached a string to it and slowly let the line out and watched the moon riseATT0003711 lazily into the night sky…while I read from my personal book of the dead.

ATT0002814 I try to let go of those who passed before me

sadly, but stoically

releasing their memories like the moon

when my mood is murky like this I search the night skies like a bat

I want to frame the moon and it’s mysteries for future reference  ATT0002213 

and borrow it’s eerie glow to light my way in the darkest nights that I know must surely lie ahead

But I dare not

the moon doesn’t belong to me with my short earthly span

for eons untold it’s ruled the night sky above this place that we pollute with the impunity of stupidity

Still - I look for the Moon over Mckinleyville when I know it’s due

We’re old friends you know and there’s still a lot to talk about 



Anonymous said...

Those are cool images!

Jendocino said...

These pictures are magical! And the essay is wonderfully evocative. Nice work, Dave!