Wednesday, July 21, 2010

China oil spill doubles in size, is deemed 'severe threat'

Crude pours out after pipeline blast; at least 1 firefighter dead

Anyone who says drilling for oil offshore is a safe and reliable process is just plain stupid, or has a stake in the operation.

China’s latest oil spill is shaping up to be their worst one. So far, the oil slick covers 165 miles of ocean. While the leak has been contained, the damage has been done to miles of coast line and marine life in the area.

This is just another compelling reason to stop off shore drilling for oil. How many disasters like this do we need to experience before it’s too late to save the ocean and the creatures in it?


Are we getting to a tipping point? If not yet, then we’re getting close. American isn’t the only country to use fossil fuels. China has recently surpassed our economy’s thirst for oil. It won’t take too many more accidents like this to destroy China’s beaches and waters. Until Big Oil loses it’s death grip on the countries of the world, we can all expect more catastrophes to further blight our environment.

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