Thursday, June 3, 2010

Report finds ‘Earmarks’ set aside for campaign donors

Is anyone surprised? Do people take notice of information like this anymore?

All Obama’s talk about getting rid of earmarks hasn’t done a thing. It’s just talk. The following link shows the money trail.

What say we actually go after these fat cats and either vote them out or at least change the way they do business? 

House and Senate lawmakers have received nearly $2 million in campaign contributions this election cycle from organizations for which they had sponsored earmarks, according to a new report by two nonpartisan watchdogs.

image source


Christine said...

Please. What is the source of the fat blue cat image? The one with the $ in his pocket and the people splyed out under him? I would like to use it, too.

ImBlogCrazy said...

No problem Christine.

Look at the end of the post and you'll see a blue "image source" for the fat cat.Click it.


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